Concave (Dinner) Tales

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018

All stories are based on true events


The Chinese - 06th of June, 2018

The Chinese

Incident Report 173.

Chinese restaurant. Arrived after lunchtime, approximately 2:00pm. Washing up area an inch under water, slippery - kitchen staff had sprayed hose around (regular occurrence) however drain clogged with grease and muck. Electrical leads hanging in the water, risk of electrocution. Freezer contains half opened and half finished chickens, ducks and the like - freezer never been cleaned. Walk in freezer / cool room covered in boxes of food on the floor - unable to be entered easily. Overstocked. Stock left everywhere throughout the cool room.

Walls filthy, grease behind and over the cookers. Frying pans covered with thick charcoal coating, built up over what appeared to be many years worth of cooking.

Metal seams in oven panels filled with cockroaches. Upon striking the wall dozens, and dozens appeared from the cracks.

Bain Maree heated only with electric light bulb. Boiling Water missing from trays beneath. Temperature well below the required 60 degrees.

Court action on Monday.