Concave (Dinner) Tales

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018

All stories are based on true events


Residential Unit - 06th of June, 2018

Residential Unit

Incident Report 585.

House / Residence. Occupant bringing food home from dump master. Grass knee high in the garden. Observed cat in garden dry reaching. Kitchen - as if out of a film - filthy kitchen, rest of house mostly clean. Kitchen - three live rats walking around on bench tops, in the knife and fork draw - these rats were as big as a small kitten. Curdled cream still in cartons on the bench. Rock solid curdled cream. Inside Fridge meat and beef covered with white coating that I'd say was glowing. Particular bacteria causes this glowing effect - nothing too unusual, just rotten.

Occupant instructed that she needed to clean the kitchen. Elderly occupant needs assistance with cleaning.