Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


ChapterTitleDate SubmittedReads
4405Intro and Working Backwords2018-10-05108
4407The Young Prince2018-10-06153
4408Star Scavengers 2018-10-06129
4411A Knight's War2018-10-06124
4616Wiz Arena 22018-10-2794
4628The Young Prince - Game Competition Entry - Ranked 4th (equal)2018-10-2997
4635Upcoming Project - The Young Prince 22018-10-30124
4699Card Dungeon Fantasy.2018-11-0686
4700Dungeon Card Idea Game2018-11-06101
5454House Cleaning 1012019-01-1994
6914This should be private but fuck it2019-07-2013
69164 tests run.2019-07-2115
7277Endless Hordes - New Game2019-09-0425
7282Endless Horde - Updated Worklog2019-09-0417
7311Book of Solutions (pdf copy)2019-09-0745
7315A collection of artworks in one place2019-09-0837
7316Game Developer Journey - a book2019-09-0912

Climate Change - some data

7319Dreambook - A New Illustrated Book By Matt2019-09-1015
7433Original weird art - thinking of selling the originals....2019-09-186