Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Introduction - 15th of June, 2018


On these pages I hope to simply produce various and disparate unconnected creative writing pieces.

I have recently borrowed a book with a whole host of exercises, whether I actually use it is another question, but it is full of writing exercises and likely each chapter on this page will include an exercise header (or footer - if I want to keep it a surprise) and the text I write after that.

One of my main aims is to write text that is not based heavily in my perception of the world. There is a sense that I see the world through a different lens to most people and sometimes that lens can seem most unusual. I want to try and write about things that don't fit that lens - as it can be rather egocentric, warped and off-beat.

So whether you enjoy these or not, this is a space for me to write creatively.

I do have other spaces I can write creatively in as well - but I prefer to keep them separate and hidden because this particular space is for public writing. My hidden/separate space is for my own private musings on life and the world.

Thanks for reading.

from Matt