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Why Capitalism Is Ultimately Fucked - 24th of August, 2018

Why Capitalism Is Ultimately Fucked

Note all figures are imaginative.

I have a home loan.

I use a deposit of 100k to borrow 1 million dollars.

My employer pays me a wage for 30 years to service this loan.

My employer pays 100 people a total of 10 million dollars a year in wages. To do so they need to have a loan from the bank of at least 10 million dollars based on assets and earnings of at least 1 million dollars.

Businesses have to produce products at a cost of $1 to sell at $10 (over valued) to people who are in debt 10x their personal worth. I

The bank provides all these loans of total to every business and home 'owner' of 1 billion dollars.

To afford to give out this cash to its customers it takes out a loan to a bigger bank of 10 billion dollars....and so on up the tree.

At the top of the tree is the biggest bank who has existed for 50 years or more who has capital of the size required to lend all this money and who grows in wealth exponentially as loans are paid back with interest over multiple decades. is simply a pyramid scam....legitimized by governments worldwide. ..and bankers hold all the strings of the governments themselves.