Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Galaxius - 20th of October, 2018


Towards the end of the time period for the maze competition I entered I had another idea for a game which actually turned out to be an idea I've had for quite some time.

This particular game, galaxius, is a very simple game compared to the other games I've done recently - which aren't all that complex either, but this one is quite simple except that it is real time.

There is a genre of games that this game fits into which is a style of sci fi strategy game that involves rapidly generating units and sending them against other planets. There's a host of games like this for mobile and websites.

My version was originally going to be far more complex. It was going to have battle screens, pause states, different research trees and all these different things. But as I built it I felt that the pacing of the game - it's quite quick - doesn't lend itself well to the details of battle screens and research trees.

Instead the game would be more like those other mobile games that already exist, with a few minor differences.

The version online currently is not quite finished, not really anyway, as it contains minimal graphics and poor quality graphics. Yes. Poor quality and minimal - where there could have been pictures I've used text.

But the gameplay is identical to the game it could have been had it had graphics. So there's not a great deal of loss there as a result.

The coding applied some new features I've worked on especially for this game for my code library.

Those are adding lines to the rendering functionality and adding animated image support to the library.

It also adds load routines that are more robust and modular than they were before.

So now there are commands such as:





in my game engine that I've been working on for this game.

So it has come a long way and is improving all the time.

Here are some screenshots from the game.

Title menu screen:

The difficulty levels are really simply just the timing the AI uses to make decisions. Faster AI is harder, slower ai is easier.

The faction choices...

There are four factions in the game, based loosely on standard well known tropes in sci fi - but dealing with the races and factions I enjoy the most in these things.

And finally the actual game screen when ships are flying around the map.

I use the letter 'S' for ships and the letter 'E' for explorers.

Yes...the graphics are very poor and I may change them if I feel this game is worth continuing expanding...although the pacing makes it not really worth it.

This game was written in about 3 days total, very quick. After and before work hours and on Saturday afternoon.