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Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Wiz Arena 2 - 27th of October, 2018

Wiz Arena 2

Yesterday morning before work I took my game engine as written for Galaxius and tidied it up and stripped it back to a template that can be copied over as and when desired for each new game.

Then this morning before breakfast I wrote the code in a few hours for Wiz Arena 2 which is a follow up to a game I wrote several years ago.

The title page is below.

The graphics were done on my return from breakfast.

The game is quite simple but has me coming back for more quite often.

I'm going to use the game design and style as perhaps a precursor to a new version of The Young Prince.

It was built very quickly and shows that I am capable of drawing animated sprites.

It doesn't have any music yet. I intended to add a high score chart but did not do so yet.