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Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


The Young Prince - Game Competition Entry - Ranked 4th (equal) - 29th of October, 2018

The Young Prince - Game Competition Entry - Ranked 4th (equal)

My game was entered into the game competition on the website I'm a member of (old blitzers) and it came 4th overall.

That's a massive improvement over my previous game entries into the competition indicating that I'm improving my skill and perhaps my interest of others in my games.

It was a good effort. It is one of my more polished games I've written recently. It was quite good indeed. Quite good indeed.

I was encouraged by how it went. It went quite well.

Very good. Excellent.

Some of the other games didn't work on my PC on that competition - including those that finished above me.

So that's pleasing to see that I did okay this time around. Much, much better in fact. Much, much better.

I was the only person who wrote their game in Javascript, there was a variety among the other developers in terms of language used. The only language that was an industry standard language (aside from Unity/C# for one) was in my game. The others were all hobbyist languages and development products.

So that's nice to see too.

I did quite well.