Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Upcoming Project - The Young Prince 2 - 30th of October, 2018

Upcoming Project - The Young Prince 2

Greetings peoples.

After the reasonable success (in my opinion) of the 'Young Prince' in the competition I entered recently, and with the positive comments from a number of people to continue working on it I have decided to take the features that worked well and focus them, remove the features that didn't, and make a new version of the game that has a similar or greater scope than the original but which is slightly altered to play more in line with 'Wiz Arena 2' which has gameplay I enjoy playing and watching the AI play.

The changes that will be made to the 'Young Prince 2' will be;

1 Character not 4.

Animated sprites (4 directions) not static sprites.

Character is a fighter-wizard - ie they will have access to both spells and combat equipment to make them more general purpose and also to allow greater development of a single character into an eventual hero.

Game will NOT be isometric.

I want to have smooth scrolling and smooth movement - which is much, much harder to get right - and to get fast on mobile and tablet devices (PC is easier) - and so will use rectangular tiles.

The view will still have a form of depth to it - it won't be 'top down' but rather a rectangular orthographic style view (drawn in 2d).

Creatures and objects will be animated.

Notably I will develop sprites sheets to handle the animations as such:

4 directions (up/down/left/right -> left and right will be mirrors of each other - who cares about sword in wrong hand!)

Animation cycles will include: Walk & Attack at the very least (6 frames total).

It is *possible* I could also develop a 'cast' animation for the hero and for wizardy type monsters.

Not sure about that yet.

Music will likely be the same music.

I *might* add sound effects - not sure about this yet either.

Sound effects are not currently implemented in my engine - only music - but it would be a good addition.

I will redraw graphics for most of the scenes.

The map will be as close to identical as I can make it and I will reuse the place names etc.

Changing the map in truth is as simple as just using a different seed! (But I don't want to do that).

All full screen images will be redrawn.

Spell icons will be redrawn and greater numbers of spells will be included.

Game will be 'arcade' almost in gameplay.

What I'm thinking is the following:

Player will be like a 'knight-mage' of sorts and they will wander about the map with a dpad on mobile or click to move on PC.

Player will launch missiles (little swords/daggers etc) at enemies as in Wiz Arena 2.

Rather than being entirely stat driven like in an RPG to determine combat instead the process will be to hit more often but randomise the damage a bit more.

So rather than having so many chances of 'missing' targets instead the damage levels will be increased/decreased in terms of how much the player outputs.

The enemy count will likely not change, but the placement of enemies around the world and map will differ - likely there will be more enemies per dungeon since arcade style combat, and perhaps even 'spawners' that auto generate enemies continuously. Think Gauntlet style but with not quite as many enemies.

There WILL be overland combat. I will have wandering monsters - visible on the main map - that the player can engage with.

Town shops will be consolidated. I am likely to improve and consolidate the inventory and shop screens somewhat.

How so?

No more 'hire a hero' screen for the tavern.

Temples will be unnecessary - no need to resurrect character when only 1.

Mage shops and General stores will be consolidated into a single store.

A town will instead of those four types of 'shop' will have something different - undecided yet.

But I'm thinking one main 'general store' that sells all items - a quest character per town as before (idle animated).

Equipment and spells will be a little different.

Equipment and spells will likely NOT alter the character's avatar appearance - too hard with animation to do it all as a single solo developer.

Equipment will simply be as follows:

1. Magic Weapons -> increased damage/rate of fire.

2. Magic Armour -> increased odds of avoiding damage.

3. Spells -> Variety of effects. Up to 16 spells possible to know. Not level based, simply gold cost. Unique. But can purchase multiples.

Shops will stock items that are 'level' based depending on the first time the player visits them.

Leveling up will be as follows:

As per before with experience however leveling up achieves the following result:

1. Increased Health

2. Increased Damage output

3. Increased Defense stat (enemies will 'roll to hit' against the player....)

4.Potentially increase the number of spells can 'carry' at once (ie begin with max of say 2 and reach maximum of 16 - go up by 2 per level ish)

Spells will have the following types I feel..

Healing (of course).

Time based damage increase (fireballs instead of thrown daggers eg)

Shields - time based damage stat increases offensive, defensive and healing...that covers a lot of fields.....

..what about movement based?

Movement spells either increase your own movement rate or decrease the enemy's - we could add them in?

That is about right I suppose.

Enough...time to get ready for work!