Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Card Dungeon Fantasy. - 06th of November, 2018

Card Dungeon Fantasy.

Game design as per paper notes.

1 play continue

2 card shop

3 dungeon level select

4 game area

Card types

1 characters

2 actions

3 events

Game in areas

1 shop

In shop purchase new cards. Can purchase duplicates of cards.

Either characters or actions or existing cards you own. Hence 3 decks plus a pile for allowing purchase.

Note character cards can be both bought and upgraded.

Ie levelled.

2 dungeon select

Select level of dungeon. Determines monster difficulty trap difficulty and or treasure amount.

3 dungeon area game play.

Piles of cards..

Top left events

Top right actions

Bottom left characters

Bottom middle active characters 3

Bottom right active action

Middle top active event

Middle overlay card choice for action and sometimes card choice for event

At start before shuffle can view all cards in decks.


Draw 3 character cards


Draw event

Resolve event

Draw action choose from 3 and discard others.

Reshuffle actions if run out.

Event is




Unique event


Monster does

1. Hp damage to random character

2. Characters do damage to monster

3. Action card does more damage if appropriate to monster.

4. Characters can die. If all characters dead then gameover.

5. Monsters can die. If monster dies then treasure goes up. Listed on card.

6. Action card disappears if used.


Trap does..

1. Damage to n characters

2. Can be avoided or reduced by action card in play.

3. Certain characters can also reduce trap damage too.

4. Trap disappears.

5. No treasure from trap.


Treasure does..

1. Give treasure.


Event does..

1. To be determined but unique largely.


Draw action card.

1. Action card can be:

1. Attack monster do damage

2. Disarm trap level disarm.

3. Scout or divine..draw extra action card and choose.

4. Healing restore hp even dead.

Action card effects immediate or stays in play until next draw.

Game won when all event cards drawn.

Character types:

Fighters.. hp bonus or damage bonus

Rogues.. trap disarm and or damage bonus

Wizards.. can tap during action draw n times per game to allow 2 event cards next and choose.

Clerics.. can tap during action to heal units n times per game.

Paladins.. can tap during game n times to double character damage on next monster

Seems good to me.

Implementation phase:

Design cards front and back.

Design board area

Code simple initially...