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House Cleaning 101 - 19th of January, 2019

House Cleaning 101

Okay, so this is not a 'development log' as such but I thought I'd post something that I'd normally post on my private journal on my public writing page. Simple reason is that this particular post I'm happy for someone to read it publicly, and therefore it doesn't need to go on my private journal.


Today is the 19th of January, a Saturday, and it was about 10 am when I returned home from a local cafe for breakfast after having a brainwave about something else (which will go on the private journal) and looked at my kitchen and thought to myself 'ughh..what a disgusting mess!'

So....time to do a mass clean.

I do these from time to time. I really should take the 'before' pictures to show the state of it...but needed a lot of work to clean it up.

It's often the case that I don't do a mass clean until I become totally disgusted with the mess as I see it in the kitchen, crumbs etc all over the benches, sauces from cooking, dust, lots of dust in rooms and so on.

And so typically when I do one of these cleans it is almost the whole house, and is a mad frenzy of activity as I furiously clean as much as possible as best I can and as quickly as I can.

I think you take the point - I don't particularly like housework but I love the end result. As such I often take pictures afterwards to stand chuffed with myself at having cleaned an unrighteous mess to be all sparkly and new.


First off I cleaned the kitchen. During the week I bought a new mop since my previous two broke. Must have known I was going to clean on Saturday I suppose? Anyway I wiped down all the benches, mopped the floors, disposed of three full bags of rubbish plus filled the recycling bin (it was already mostly full). I scrubbed the cupboard doors, and the walls, and the fridge. I found beetroot had leaked all over the bottom of the fridge so that was wiped up as well. All the old food and wasted food was thrown out. Honey containers thrown out. Papers and old junk on the kitchen table tossed aside or stored where I store my notes.

The result was this:

My neighbour convinced me that my light switches and door handles and surrounds needed cleaning - I'd never done them. It must have been dirt, dust and mould that had built up so I went around the house and cleaned these as I did each room too.

The level of dust is probably contributing to my cough that has persisted - it really was terrible. So I dusted even the fan blades which were horrid in the level of dust. Just think - all those skin cells built up as dust on the blades of the sucked up into the vacuum cleaner....

The lounge room took a good amount of cleaning too. I need a new vacuum I think - I might get a bagless one, and the main reason I need a new one is the fittings on the end no longer stay on. So I use it a bit like scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush, ie just with the small round nozzle at the end on my hands and knees going about the floor inch by inch scrubbing the dust and dirt and detritus into the vacuum. It takes a little while but does the job.

My bedroom needed cleaning too. All these clothes on the floor, dust, feathers from the doona etc needed cleaning. New sheets laid down. New doona cover laid on. Vacuumed. Clothes put away and put in baskets.

It's better - I'm currently washing some sheets and pillow cases as we speak. (well the machine is, not me)

The bathroom got a mopped floor, a wiped sink, a mopped shower base, and a general clean of all the dust.

The bath itself which doesn't get used could do with some work but no one uses it so .. oh well should have done that..maybe later..

The toilet got scrubbed down, mopped, walls mopped and scrubbed, door mopped and scrubbed (around the handle).

Much cleaner. Smells more like cleaning products now too. Very good.

There's still the spare room which is in need of a bit of work - but no one ever goes in there. It is a place where I put things I don't know where they should go. As well as storing my board games and some of my artworks and notes.

No picture of that room. A bit messy.

And after all that work....well I was like this from as early as cleaning the kitchen...but you can see below...I raise quite a sweat when I clean the's as good as a workout at the gym. Took approximately two hours (was finished by 12pm) to do all the cleaning.

Well done Matt.

(That's me in my favourite old tshirt - one I made for a game I'd foolishly hoped would sell more than 3 copies on the mobile market...oh well that's what happens sometimes)