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Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


This should be private but fuck it - 20th of July, 2019

This should be private but fuck it

In 2015 I developed a serious psychotic episode which I always maintained was induced somehow.

No one accepted this.

In 2019 I was doing excellent on minimal drugs after carefully reducing over 2 years.

Then I quit my job because the hours for the whole team had become untenably low.

Approximately July 11 2019 I had a sudden feeling of anxiety and paranoia come over me.

I waited it out but it felt like it was induced by something I'd accidentally ingested or inhaled.

Then...I started testing myself with chemical drug testing kits and also recording food, drink and experiences I'd had after driving.

I self tested with the kits twice coming up positive for two compounds.

I went to my gp and got tested again, this time it came up negative but the dr had played some funny games in his method of seeing me.

I then decided to test the air vents in the car which was my belief....of the source....but no idea who or why?

I followed this methodology but still have one to three more tests to perform.

From email...

I had some spare time in the afternoon today, and I also had a spare container for testing for drugs.

Being the inquisitive type and such I decided to run a little experiment.

1. Fill small container with a little tap water.

2. Get four wetted tissues and cover the vents in my car.

3. Turn the engine on, close the windows, put the heater on, wait outside for 15 minutes.

4. After time complete open all 4 doors and allow car to breathe.

5. With fork extract tissues and put in container.

6. Stir around carefully, squeezing the liquid out of the tissues and into the container.

7. Pour liquid into chemical tester.

8. Wait for results. least I have an answer now.


As car has been drugged.