Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


4 tests run. - 21st of July, 2019

4 tests run.

1. Car heater as described elsewhere, with aloe vera tissues. Looks to me like a cannabis infection in the car somehow in the vents.

2. Aloe vera tissues in cold spring water. Looks to me like no infection.

3. Plain tissues in tap water/spring water. No infection.

4. Plain spring water in tap water washed container. No infection.

The difficulty is that the chromatography changes over the 5 minute range, and also the T bar is very faint.

However my photograph of the first test is quite clear to me, quite clear indeed.

It appears highly likely from this test that there is THC and only THC in the car.

It is not impossible to tell for me...but seems correct and fits with my experience after driving and feeling very tired and hungry.