Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Endless Hordes - New Game - 04th of September, 2019

Endless Hordes - New Game

This week I decided to draw some little graphics. I was playing around with some pixel art and some sprites and came up with this picture as a starting point:

I drew a little knight and a wizard.

After I had done this I played around with placing little sprites on a such:

After staring at the picture for a while and beginning to see an idea form in my head based on the game competition at the programming forum I'm a part of...I decided to start working on a game....

It has started to come together - still needs some polish however....

It is a sort of endless retro tactical rpg of sorts.

No quests or items or leveling up, but rather a group of warriors who fight an endless battle against all these simple monsters.

The monsters keep spawning off from the side....

Here are some more pictures:

The you might guess is 'Endless Horde'.

A bit unimaginative...but oh well.