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Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Zener Test (finally got around to taking it) - 20th of September, 2019

Zener Test (finally got around to taking it)

Okay, there is a test known as the 'Zener' test which is sometimes used - as it as in the movie Ghostbusters with Bill Murray in the opening scene - have a look below at the youtube clip....

Of has its problems - as do all such tests, and the 'science' behind it is extremely dubious at best.....

However for a bit of fun I tried the test myself.....on myself with a program written in blitz3d/blitzplus....

Experimental procedure:

1. Download copies of the 5 known 'Zener' cards.

2. Create program to randomly select one of the cards and display it upon pressing a key on the keyboard ('a' key in this case)

3. Before pressing key select one of the card images in my mind and declare it as the card waiting for (typically I went by colour rather than shape)

4. If correct press another key ('s' in this case) to record the correct count.

5. After a sufficient number of tests calculate the score and then check the statistical significance online.

I ran the test the first time without having the counter and got 3 out of 4 a first attempt of just using the program.

Then I ran the test with the program and output as below.

According to the test and the statistical measure supposedly my result is 'statistically significant'....but in reality...who can say?

Nice little game to play with oneself though.....

Here are some pictures from the process:

The output during the test.

The code to create the program.

The statistical measure using an online statistical significance measure.

Have fun!

Try it yourself one day....