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Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Zener Test Take 2 - 22nd of September, 2019

Zener Test Take 2

Okay running the same test as second time at 4am on the Monday of the 23-Sep-2019...the following result was obtained...

There was a difference in the technique chosen to do this.

The methodology for recording etc was all the same.

The difference was this.

Matt sat back, relaxed in his chair, put the keyboard on his lap, and spent a moment - perhaps 2-5 seconds before each guess thinking in a relaxed fashion about the colour and the shape....and then named it...before pressing the 'a' key....

Surprisingly the result was quite high.

In fact - after the first 5 or 6 guesses almost all of them were correct.

This was rather interesting indeed.

Still...doesn't prove anything other than Matt can get lucky with this sometimes I suppose.