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Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Speed Dating Excerpt - 27th of September, 2019

Speed Dating Excerpt

Excerpt from a speed dating moment. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

So where do you work Sally?

I work for a legal firm in the city, mainly on workers compensation claims John. It's quite busy this time of year, we get a lot of cases - some of them are interesting enough. What about you?

I don't work. Currently. I quit my job as the task was getting quite light on in hours, sitting around all day doing nothing for about 10 months. I ended up quitting and calling it self funded long service leave. you've been on holiday then - ?Where have you been? I just got back from a trip to the Americas.

Nowhere, I have to save money so have been back and forth to libraries and cafes for almost 4 months. Your trip sounds interesting though. Tell me about it?

I visited all around Brazil, Argentina, - here, here's some photos - I went with some friends...

[conversation continues]

One of my hopes is to be able to afford a BMW one day - what sort of car do you drive? Must be something nice I'm sure.

Actually....I no longer car was found with cannabis in it - I found the cannabis, and then it stopped working after that - so I catch the bus everywhere - it saves a lot of money too to do that.

I see....I've never dated someone who does drugs before - not sure I could get used to that... wasn't mine...weird story, but yeah...a good reason not to drive at the moment. I have been in the back of a police van though-

What! Police Van?!

Oops..yes..when they took me to the psych ward a few years ago.

Ahh. Okay. How about we change the subject? Did you see the Game of Thrones finale? What did you think?

Actually...I don't have a television. But no, I didn't see it.

I might get another glass of wine, are you just going to drink orange juice then?

Yeah - I don't drink alcohol. Nor smoke. So what do you do on weekends?

Pretty normal - I visit friends, family - go to a market or such. I still keep in touch with a lot of my university classmates, we have a dinner once in a while. Where are most of your friends from? Work, uni or school or such? friends are from a variety of places, but apart from one I haven't really seen any of them since my birthday in 2017. They just kind of all ... disappeared. They're still alive I mean, but - they're kind of ... absent.

Well thanks for chatting John. Time to move on the next speed date I think.

Thanks Sally.

This is actually a semi fictional tale