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A Clean Home (again) - 30th of October, 2019

A Clean Home (again)

Good Afternoon.

Today, in my spare time - of which I have a fair bit while I look for work again, I gave the house a desperately needed clean.

It was worth it.

It took me approximately 2 and a half hours to get through.

The results speak for themselves.

The bench tops, desk and table tops and so on were AJAXed.

The floor was mopped in all the wooden and cork floors.

The toilet walls were scrubbed and the toilet wiped very clean.

Rubbish was thrown out.

The carpets in all the main rooms were vacuumed.

The dishes were washed.

Clothes and so on were washed, and more and more loads of washing prepared.

The clothes horses/airers were put away in to the spare room (with clothes to dry in there now).

The extraneous crap was thrown out (newspapers, etc) always...photographs were taken....

I toyed with rearranging the furniture in the lounge room and even turning the bed around but .. another time.

The spare room and laundry are still to be done.

The outdoor area (gardens) need work in the backyard.

The bookshelves could be restacked...along with the CDs.

The clothes could probably be sorted and putaway nicely too.

But...we've done a huge amount today, and it feels much better and looks much better too.

Shame it takes it to get so messy before I do it!

To be honest it would probably be kept a bit cleaner if I had someone on my back regularly who lived here with me...telling me to clean up all the mess!