Development Log

Written and conceived by Matt Lloyd 2018


Idea for hex rock paper scissors battle - 30th of October, 2019

Idea for hex rock paper scissors battle

Two players.

Each turn player gains a coin to a maximum of 3.

They can choose to spend on building an army of all their coin in size.

Ie upto 3 units.

Units are chosen from rock paper or scissors.

Or they can choose to move one army to an unoccupied hex or enemy hex or enemy fort.

Each side has 1 fort which if lost the other side wins.

Map is small say 3 hexes by 3 or a little bigger.

Battles are fought in sequence of units as rock paper scissors. Draws are losses on both sides of the two opposed units.

Side that has units left occupies the hex.

Fort has a garrison of 2 units which can be selected one time only in the game.

Very simple.

A game of perfect information, like chess, with smaller event space than chess.

Ai should be able to play a perfect game against human opponents with training.

Human opponents who play who were good would learn that emotional or preferential responses would be sub optimal.

It's a particular type of game.

Technically it is most fun between two humans who are ignorant of perfect strategy.

Or between two humans of equivalent but imperfect skill.

In any case it is a game without any luck component unless the human plays as say with their eyes closed to speak metaphorically.