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Linden Art Exhibition - - 22nd of November, 2019

Linden Art Exhibition -

A worthwhile comment to make on this Saturday morning. I went to the opening of the Linden Art Exhibition Postcards 2019.

I had submitted two pieces and both of them were accepted.

I visited for an hour last night, from 4pm until 5pm in Acland St StKilda.

The paintings on display, and artworks, were amazing.

Every single one of them captured my attention but there was far too much to take in.

I've been to art exhibitions before. Both well known and less well known artists.

This was the first time I've been to an exhibition where my own work was involved in some way.

It makes a huge difference to the appreciation you have of all the artworks on display.

I highly recommend exhibiting your work in such a display if you can or get the opportunity if only to observe the difference it makes to your feeling towards all the other artworks.

As I walked around I wanted to study and experience each piece as much as possible.

It was no longer about quality, skill or lifelikeness.

Instead I began to read the stories that sprang from each picture.

No doubt some were more visually appealing than others, or more skilful in a certain way.

But each of them had gone to the effort of framing and readying for display and putting on display. And every one of them told a story. Every single one of them.

When I went to Degas with Ayfer I was arrogant in my own way, kind of dismissive and joking...perhaps a form of that half hearted insincere confidence I've observed in men attempting to impress someone from time to time.

But last night, I loved the works.

I wasn't looking to see where mine were. I simply wanted to take in all the stories that were told by each artist.

It's such a different feel to do that than to merely have your own exhibition or go and see a body of work you have no connection to.

I was inspired this morning to do another painting as well. This one was of UFC fighter Megan Anderson who the ABC wrote about earlier in the year as a woman who overcame inner mental demons as well as boxing opponents in the real world. Here it is below. I'd love to either send it to her or enter it into another exhibition.

At the same time, I'd love to do even more paintings as my skill is improving, see below, and so on.

The two female companions I've had since 2016, one romantic the other a friend and neighbour, have both encouraged and helped me with both art and physical fitness respectively.

Anyway...there is more I was going to write about some future possibilities in life but since this will be public this post I will leave this one here.