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A few reasons why my life and lifestyle is very good. - 29th of November, 2019

A few reasons why my life and lifestyle is very good.

Good Morning Matt on this Saturday morning before breakfast (date is wrong due to time zone difference with server).

I was sitting at my kitchen table, overlooking my paintings I've done recently, seeing the blue skies and the green garden outside my kitchen window. As I sat there I thought to myself, looking at my jeans and legs, that I've got some really good things in my life.

I was thinking specifically at first about the running - my fitness and health, the fact I can run many kilometres now and am healthy physically. I was also thinking of the paintings on my table. They were very nice indeed. As such - these paintings give me great joy.

And related to both of these is the fact that I have not worked since June. And feel great about it. I do need to work - of course. But it has been a massive joy to be able to simply relax and do not much for a while.

The fact I have the time and money to be able to take such time off, to be able to relax and enjoy myself, to be able to sit, look at my fit legs and be pleased with what I've accomplished and so on. This is a good thing.

The fact I can feel the sensations that go through my legs when I run, and after running through my whole body and feel a joyous celebratory feeling of happiness through my system.

The fact I can keep the anxious paranoid fearful thoughts at bay seemingly through running on a treadmill and the boons this brings.

The fact I can paint, and paint whatever I want not according to commissions or requests.

The fact I have a garden and a home. And oh...what a tidy home it is too.

Many would be very eager to live the life I live - even with the painful things I experience there is so much good here.

And this is a point worth noting.

While many have certain excellent things in life - that I feel I've missed out on sort of - and at the same time while I do still sense there's something wrong or different about my person or life compared to them - I have the most wondrous life too.

Thank you to all responsible for the many good things in my life. Thank you for your generosity to me.


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