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Oven Repairman - June 19, 2019. - 20th of December, 2019

Oven Repairman - June 19, 2019.

Earlier this year, in June, I made a recording of a website with my phone camera.

The reason was as follows - as I've observed several times with different websites, sometimes the content changes the moment I view the page.

And..furthermore, on several occasions when I have observed the content on another person - unrelated to me in any way other than they may happen to be in the same room - the page does not change for them.

However in one instance, when I was at work this happened, and I asked to see someone else's PC and it did not change UNTIL we pressed the SCREEN CAPTURE button - and then it altered to be the same as mine.

In any case, the video is below.

Strangely the event occurred as follows:

1. I needed to get my oven repaired.

2. I looked up the oven repairman, the phone number kept changing.

3. I attempted to record it and did my first recording and commented on such - the page would not load.

4. I attempted a second time to record, without saying anything, and it captured it.

5. I called both numbers. One of them, the one changed to - was a dodgy wrong number that lead to a voice mail with no identifying features.

6. I called the original number (same number as on their vans) and explained the situation to the driver when he did arrive.

The driver was unaware of that number being used by them and thanked me and didn't really say anything.

Here is the video: (may take a moment to load - not on youtube)