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Letter to myself of 2012 - 26th of December, 2019

Letter to myself of 2012

Dearest Matt of late 2012, this is a letter from yourself 7 years hence, in 2019. A lot has changed. You would not be ready for it if it all hit you at once, or if you had known what was coming. And as I say that to you today I wonder if I'd say exactly the same to myself today in another 7 years?

Matt, what I can tell you is that on the surface you might be horrified at where and how your life has gone. But if you looked deeper you would see a tremendous set of positives.

You are still you, forget the joke about the body's cells replacing every 7 years, you are still the man you were, but better.

So much will seem like loss. So much will seem as if you have been taken from. Much will seem like you have been wounded, damaged, injured deliberately, taken from, stolen from. But in all this you will have found resources, outside of doctors and prescriptions, to stand through it all.

It will hurt. It will cause sorrow. Anger. Anguish. Pain. And joyful moments will be there to cherish in their moments.

Your dreams will be destroyed many, many times. Things hoped for will not eventuate. And yet, you will gain a solid core that can stand through it.

Your faith will change. Some might say you lost it. Some might say you stained it beyond recognition. But it was necessary Matt, and you gained a better form of dependence and a type of faith that you could not comprehend in 2012.

Do not be afraid, you will make it through those years, stronger and better-but spiritually, emotionally and mentally changed almost unrecognisably.

I have said enough. No need to scare you. No need to make you afraid. You will be given strength. And bravery. And your love for those you care about will remain, though changed.

Matt you will do well.

Best of love, from your future self, do not be afraid, you are loved.

From Matt.