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Syllogisms and interpersonal logic fails - 08th of January, 2020

Syllogisms and interpersonal logic fails

A syllogism looks like this:

All cats are mammals.

Meggsy is a cat.

Therefore meggsy is a mammal.

A statement of all x are y, z is an x, therefore z is a y.

A basic logic.

Now, since late 2014 early 2015 people in my personal relationships have internally agreed with basic logic but their verbal expressions have disagreed with simple logic statements.

Over time, repeatedly, this causes anger, annoyance and irritation to me. would appear this is a sub goal of the methodology.

However, it is true and fair to say that openly and verbally a number of close contacts have seemingly deliberately failed to ge logical in their reasoning.

It is also true and fair to say I find it disturbing.

And, I do not know if there is a way to bring their internal state to match their external re logic when dealing with myself.